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Jeff Bach, the owner of Quietwater Media, after a childhood in rural Minnesota, really started living when he flew the coop and moved across the continent for a summer job guiding river rafts in Oregon. Minnesota living was good, but the Rogue River in Oregon was paradise discovered, especially for a flatland bumpkin. Life continued getting better after moving to Missoula, Montana where he graduated from the University of Montana after two more seasons of river life on the Main and Middle Fork of the Salmon river in Idaho.

'Real' life started as a field geologist at Golder Associates in Redmond, WA., working on feasibility studies and remediation projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. More life happened with a first home, a marriage and two kids. Good times in the PacNW!

1 Wife. 3 Kids. 12lbs. of little dog. 1 house. 4 bedrooms. 2½ baths. But it's not all found in the numbers. Is it? What about Montana? and river guiding in Idaho? canoe guiding in the BWCA? coaching little kid soccer? telemark skiing back when we had snow. The good stuff defies numbering!

But then PacNW traffic and day care got tiresome and the simplicity of midwest living started to appeal. A downturn in the economy made it easier to contemplate leaving the wet side of Washington state.

It happened and life part II started up in a small town south of Madison, WI. A third kid and a little dog entered the scene, along with a career change from numerical modeling as a hydrogeologic consultant to the hot new field of network administration.

As long as Jeff and his wife Carolyn kept feeding their kids they kept on growing. Jeff soon found himself coaching youth soccer and what an experience it was. That grew into a lifestyle thing for about ten years as the oldest and the youngest daughter both developed into talented young athletes. Good times in flyover country. The middle daughter, for those that are wondering, developed an affinity for playing the piano. Good times of a completely different kind. Don't let anyone ever tell you that a piano concert is like a soccer game. It's not!

Links to Sites QWM has Built

supCAT boards is a builder of paddleboards that combine the twin pontoons of catamarans with the size and deck of a paddleboard. You stand on these boards and paddle like it's a SUP, and you can enjoy the stability and large deck like it's a (small) catamaran. The decks are co-designed with the paddler, so each board is truly one of a kind.

quietwater paddles provides kits to the world of DIY builders who want to make their own paddles. quietwater paddles kits have sold internationally and feature a form that makes it easy to align the laminate (strips) for the shaft, while at the same time bending the shaft just about the top of the blade and compressing the shaft laminates while the adhesive dries.

wavetrainSUP is much the same as quietwater paddles, providing kits and custome paddles to those water enthusiasts that prefer standing on water instead of sitting on it. Asl sold internationally, wavetrainSUP kits feature the same form that allows for an easy alignment, compressin, and bend of the laminate strips in a SUP paddle shaft.


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