Quietwater Media Digital Marketing

Looking back at the 4Ps, digital marketing is all about the 3rd P - Positioning. Your content is planned and produced. Now it needs to go somewhere and do something - and you really need to measure that as well (the 4th P). Remember - it's all connected.

One aspect of digital marketing is putting your digital content to work as advertising. For many, a website and maybe an email newsletter is where things start and stop for digital marketing. Depending on your customers, that may be ideal.

For others though, online entities like Facebook and Instagram loom large. Facebook's Business Manager is an important tool in this space, and once again the first P - Planning - looms large.

Do you have someone on staff that is comfortable with the Business Manager? Did you Produce (the 2nd P) with an eye towards how it would fit in advertising and what 'hooks' (e.g. Facebook Pixels) might be needed within your content?

Remember - Instagram is now part of Facebook. IG is a fairly hot place to be these days. Any online advertising on IG needs to originate in the Facebook Business Manager.

Facebok Business Manager. Instagram. Online advertising. Good demographics. How do I know if my ad is sucessful?

On and on it goes. Snapchat is a fast growing piece of online real estate. What about that?

To shift things slightly, Google has an impressive array of tools that offer ways to slice and dice and measure just about anything you put online.

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