Quietwater Media Video Planning and Production

For example, will the video will be used at a trade show? If so, this greatly affects audio, particularly if your trade show booth has no capacity for audio.

The intent of the video is even more important. Does the video need to capture new eyes? Attached to a viewer that has not seen or heard of the product prior to this video? Or is the desired audience someone who knows the product well and is looking for details and not an introduction? We think the long enduring 'funnel' analogy continues to work well in terms of understanding where a viewer may be in their purchasing cycle.

Most of what we do is video. However, a video project is often much like any other media project. At the core of a good project is a good plan. We think a good plan starts with answering a bunch of questions like -

  • Who is the audience?
  • How will the content be discovered?
  • Where will it be watched (e.g. on a phone?)
  • How important is the audio?
  • Is there a clear 'call to action'?
  • Does the content match the expected mindset of the viewer?
  • Does length and vocabulary fit attention span and demographic?

What should we do? How should we do it? Where do we want to put it? How do we measure its success?

Closer to the video itself, more questions pop up:

  • Audio is a critical part of the video. Who will create a script?
  • With a script in hand, do you want someone internal to be the voice of your video?
  • or do you want a third party voice talent to be the narrator?
  • using a third party narrator adds to the budget, is there room for this expense?

At some point, enough planning is on the table. Time to make the video. More questions arise, like:

  • What if it rains and we're shooting an outdoor video?
  • Or, there's too much traffic noise, where else can we go?
  • The light is poor (too dark or too bright) what time of day is best?
    • Quietwater has been (and remains) on this road for the past several years. Those questions (and more) have all come up. Scripts have been written (or not). Clients arrive prepared (or not).

      At the end of the day, each project gives us a few more road miles and a bit more perspective on doing video for business.

      Call us. Let's talk. Take advantage of our hard earned experience in producing your next video.

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