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Ideally, each piece of business content provides a piece of the puzzle. The puzzle is the process that starts when a living breathing person identifies a need or want and moves to saisfy that need or want. That process ends with a purchase and hopefully carries on into the future, providing further benefit in the form of referrals and repeat purchases.

Websites are one of the oldest marketing pieces found in our digital world. While much has evolved, much has also stayed the same. More importantly, while web design and development have changed quite a bit, the reasons that a person goes to the web and eith searches or discovers jave not changed nearly as much. Quietwater's collective impression after years of working in this space is that a website performs better if it follows a plan and the three remaining 'p's described

Are websites still relevant? Why do people use them? What do people look at most on your site? What do you want your site to provide for you?



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