Video Production & Marketing

Look and sound matter. Video is the only media doing both. Fold video into a marketing plan and great things can happen. Video marketing is driven by planning and awareness of details.
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Content Creation

When it comes to content, there's more to a project than the video piece. Persuasive, engaging writing is a gateway for a viewer to watch your video. Relevant and authentic imagery strengthens perceptions and helps build trust with a visitor.
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Web Design & Development

The oldest platform out there, right up there with email. Design and development both have a hand in a website, and both need to work well together for a website to turn out as expected. Planning before and preserving afterward minimize stress.
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Each project has an end. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief - until an image needs changing, or some other event calls for a change in your web presence. For example, what happens when...
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It's Not Rocket Science -

- but difficulty remains in the details. Much of the marketing world has crossed over the threshold from specialty to commodity. So if much of marketing is well defined and clearly laid out, why is it still so difficult? The answer is nuanced and defies an easy 'boil down' to short phrases.

We think the difficulty is in the content. It is HARD to take good pictures. Good writing is HARD to do. Video is loaded with hard to do aspects - lighting, capturing audio, finding talent that is not nervous in front of a camera, honoring the viewer's attention span and still hitting the 'call to action', etc. (there's a lot more 'etc'!)

So how does Quietwater seek to avoid the problems and find success? We give each project four parts - Plan. Produce. Position. Proof. The fifth 'P' is Person. We try really hard to keep it human. I/You/We want a living breathing person to consume our content and remember it, forward it, reread it, and come back to it. One good and interested PERSON is better than a hundred casual gawkers that leave as soon as they arrive.

A good plan lays out production, considers how the content will be used (position), and allows for measurement (proof).

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Project planning is based on questions. And answers. Those answers drive each of the four parts of the project. And that PERSON overlies it all. Design Develop and create with a living breathing person in mind. Keep it human!


Quietwater Services

Video Production

Quietwater starts here. The video ecosystem is the biggest chunk of our experience. Every marketing strategy needs content. From social media to manufacturing, if you are selling something, your clients and customers need to see, read and hear about the widget you have out in the marketplace. We create that content based on a plan. We help you develop that plan. With the plan in hand, we're off to produce the content. Along the way, as things change (and they always do) - we ask questions and evolve the content to fit the new conditions.
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Video Marketing

Having content in hand is just the start. From Facebook video ads to Instagram stories, there's a myriad number of options for purposing and repurposing video content, including the old standby DVD, and moving on to mobile-friendly revenue generating video content.
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Digital Marketing

It all ties together. Producing content and using it, should be guided by a good strategy that includes accountability. Analytics is big. How do you know if the content you've had produced is giving you any ROI? Views?, click throughs?, email addresses collected?. There are many ways to look at your cotent and its performance, so you can assess if you are getting what you paid for and it starts with knowing what you have and what it is doing.
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Quietwater Projects

Wisconsin B2B manufacturing

Stoughton Trailers Video

Stoughton Trailers recently unveiled a new trailer line and with it a new corporate profile video.
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SSL is like a fence around your site!

Adding SSL to a Website

Google suggests it and even hints at a ranking improvement with the addition of SSL. SSL is slowly becoming an accepted piece of the online world. Here's what Quietwater learned from a recent SSL update exercise.
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writing a book is old school

Authoring an ebook

Books. From papyrus to Gutenberg to presses to 2017. Each step has brought change to what could be the world's ultimate media commodity.
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